His Secret Life

Now she's a slut!
Where should I send him ? To metro stop
near Pyramid ?

No, let's send him to Eur.
Bet that he will eat lunch with us ?
I don't care.
Then why did you make me make that
tearful phone ?

- For Ernesto!
- Right!

Why are you bumming into that with
your fat ass ?

Because, not like the others,
I use it only for sitting!
How was it?
Redemption Army releases a lunch.

Will you eat with us ?
Thank you, but I can't.
You have to take that drip out after
an hour anyways.

- Chop the onion.
- You know Luiselle already.

She'd been cheated by an uncountable
amount of men.

At least somebody wants to cheat me.
You choose only those hopelesses.
Chop it finely.
You elegant one.
When are you planning to make a sell-out ?
I want to be like that too!

- You'd need a miracle for that, kitty.
- Grace Kelly has called.

Antonio, meet boys.
- That's Riccardo.
- My condolences.

That's Luciano.
Those both never part.
That's Sandro.
He's the only one, who doesn't live here.
But he'd love to,
since Massim's gone.

Let's go to the table.
Mara decided to go to her family town.