His Secret Life

She always says that,
but she never does it.

- She doesn't have the courage.
- She'll go, although she shouldn't.

I think she should,
at this instance.

She would finally get rid of that nightmare.
What do you think, Antonio ?
Should she go, or rather not ?

I don't get it.
I'll explain.
I was brought up in Catanzaro.

She's got a real family,
though it's hard to imagine.

She was born as a result of a failed
genetic experiment.

And you are a daughter of
a whale and a cactus ?

For God's sake!
Mara hasn't been in her city for
10 years.

Her beloved younger brother
is getting married next week.

Mara wants to be there,
but nobody knows,
that "he" is now "her".

I'd really like to see my grandma.
She's 99 !

If she sees you, she won't celebrate
her 100th anniversary for sure.

- I could go in men's clothes.
- That's a marriage, not a Halloween.

A guy with such a bust ?
I'll flatten it.
And you'll hide your face
like an invisible human ?

Good idea.
Why does he always have to be like that?
Bad guy.
Don't give her satisfaction.
Let's be silent,
otherwise she'll never shut up.

That's the idiot, who was ringing.
It wasn't only Massimo, who used to
ring like that.

I'm tired,
but I found a few things.

You made a raid on a flea market ?
Angelo Pezza:
saint patron of all flea markets.

Who's that ? Plays main part in
your new acting ?

Stop it.
It's lsraele.

- Hey, I'm lsraele.
- From Neapol suburbs ?

- No, from the centre.
- Get lost!

It doesn't matter where he's from,
but how he looks!

- Come here.
- At least he's not effeminate.