His Secret Life

A guy with such a bust ?
I'll flatten it.
And you'll hide your face
like an invisible human ?

Good idea.
Why does he always have to be like that?
Bad guy.
Don't give her satisfaction.
Let's be silent,
otherwise she'll never shut up.

That's the idiot, who was ringing.
It wasn't only Massimo, who used to
ring like that.

I'm tired,
but I found a few things.

You made a raid on a flea market ?
Angelo Pezza:
saint patron of all flea markets.

Who's that ? Plays main part in
your new acting ?

Stop it.
It's lsraele.

- Hey, I'm lsraele.
- From Neapol suburbs ?

- No, from the centre.
- Get lost!

It doesn't matter where he's from,
but how he looks!

- Come here.
- At least he's not effeminate.

Nice smile.
- You're a dentist ?
- No, I work at the bakery.

How is bread baked ?
You have probably already learnt that..
I've known him for 20 minutes.
Who are you ?

- Is it really her?
- Who else could she be ?

You're very photogenic.
- Tactful, as usual.
- Said the turkish refugee.

You're irritable,
because they always take away your men.

Stop it.
Don't worry about them.

I don't worry about anything any more.
You still haven't answered..
What is Mara supposed to do ?

I really don't know what to say.
If she tells them truth,
she'll risk getting thrown out

If she won't see them anymore, then
maybe it'd be better...