His Secret Life

Nice smile.
- You're a dentist ?
- No, I work at the bakery.

How is bread baked ?
You have probably already learnt that..
I've known him for 20 minutes.
Who are you ?

- Is it really her?
- Who else could she be ?

You're very photogenic.
- Tactful, as usual.
- Said the turkish refugee.

You're irritable,
because they always take away your men.

Stop it.
Don't worry about them.

I don't worry about anything any more.
You still haven't answered..
What is Mara supposed to do ?

I really don't know what to say.
If she tells them truth,
she'll risk getting thrown out

If she won't see them anymore, then
maybe it'd be better...

...for her to go.
What if they don't want
to see her any more ?

I always lie to those,
whom I love.

It's dangerous to tell the truth.
But it's not right.
What? Lying to those,
whom you love ?

If you tell the truth,
they might stop loving you.

How could you love a person,
who always lies to you ?

Let's make a toast for truth.
Thank you all
for the effort,
not to mention his name.

That's senseless.
It's impossible to not to talk about him,
not to think about him.

Provided we forgot about him,
Massimo will still be here, with us.

Just like every sunday, when he pretended
he had been going on a football match,