His Secret Life

Glass of wine, if I can.
I'm sorry for Sunday.
I behaved like an asshole.

The others were excited about your
presence and completely lost control.

- We're sorry.
- It's me, who's sorry.

I'm always not on the right time.
Will you be eating ?

It's for Ernesto. I'm going to
the market in an hour. I'll eat there.

I can chome here...
I left so suddenly, that you might
have thought...

No way.
I can come here to put the drip.
Thanks, that would be great.
Hand over the parmesan.
Enough, thanks.
Were you his first boyfriend,
or were there any others ?

I was the first.
And the only one. He didn't have anyone else.
Neither man, nor woman.

Only me and him.
How do you know that ?
How do you ?
That's what he said.
He never lied to you ?
We were looking for the same book.
A rare one.
I found it first.
Shopkeeper said, that it was
the last copy...

...and went for it.