His Secret Life

I was the first.
And the only one. He didn't have anyone else.
Neither man, nor woman.

Only me and him.
How do you know that ?
How do you ?
That's what he said.
He never lied to you ?
We were looking for the same book.
A rare one.
I found it first.
Shopkeeper said, that it was
the last copy...

...and went for it.
While I was waiting,
Massimo turned up.

Seeing me next to the computer,
he took me for the seller.

He came up
and asked about that book.

It amused me, because...
Well, it's funny, isn't it ?
When the seller came back with the book,
everything clarified.

It was the last copy.
And there were no renewals forecasted.

Massimo was very disappointed.
He really wanted it.
He offered mi double price.
He said:
"I'll give everything you want."

The situation was pretty inconvenient,
because I was looking for that book
all day.

It has already been the fifth bookshop.
I couldn't believe my eyes,
that I had found it.