Jackass: The Movie

And I don't even want to make
a joke about it right now

because I just want
to hold it in.

Gotta poo?
Pretty much.
Really? Yeah.
Really, man, don't.
Do you want
to ruin everything?

I swear to God, it's...
Really? That bad?
Yeah, like it's a problem.
Is this the worst
you ever had to go boom-boom?

No, no.
I shit my pants at the fair.
Oh, dude,
he's shitting right now.

Get outta the car!
Oh, get out, dude, get out!
No shit, get outta here!
Come on, man,
get outta the fuckin' car.

Get outta the fuckin' car!
What do I do?
Did you shit?
Holy shit!
I'm taking a cab
back to the hotel.

He just shat everywhere.
What's wrong, man?
I had to sit there
while he shat.
I need to go home right now.
It's on my hand.