K-19: The Widowmaker

- Compartment one, manned and ready.
- Compartment two, manned and ready.

Compartment four, manned and ready.
Compartment five, manned and ready..
- Compartment six, manned and ready.
- Compartment seven, manned and ready..

- Compartment eight, manned and ready.
- Compartment nine, manned and ready..

- Compartment ten, manned and ready.
- Comrade Captain...

the boat is manned and ready for live
firing of the main missile batteries.

Activate emergency action procedure
for nuclear weapon release.

Comrade Captain, the Political
Department stands ready to do its duty.

Excuse me.
to number-one missile tube open.

Comrade Captain, Moscow has confirmed
nuclear weapons release authority.

Number-one hatch open.
Silo free ofwater.

Powering up consoles for missile launch.
Powering number-one missile console.

maintain current course and speed.

Course steady 2-9-0.
Maintaining speed six knots.

Hatch number one open.
Silo free ofwater.

Fueling in progress.
Proceed with activation
of the warhead on number-one missile.

- Up scope.
- Periscope going up.

Demichev, back to the conn.
Prepare number-three tube
to the active state.

Switch fire control console to primary.
Console to position one primary.
Sixty seconds within range.
Prepare for emergency dive after launch.