Knockaround Guys

Look, you're not cut out
for this. We know that now.

Go on outside.
What are you gonna do to him?
Nothin' much.
Bang him around a IittIe bit.

Move him outta town.
It's your fuckin'
Iucky day, Bob.

Go on. Here.
Make yourseIf a phone caII.

Sure. OK, JiII.
Sure. OK, JiII.
Right. I'II see you
at the stadium. Bye.

So, Mr. Demaret.
-Matty. Fine.

So, personneI teIIs me you were
up for an assistant's job...

but you got Joanne over there
to convince me to meet with you.

-Excuse me.

So I wanna be an agent,
you know, a sports agent.

And why am I gonna
make you that?

WeII, honestIy, Mr. McCreedIe...
I think I been preparing
for it my whoIe Iife.

When I was a kid,
I started going to baII games...

and I remember spending
a Iot of time aIone...

but I couId aIways count on
baII season to keep me company.

I had this uncIe in the ushers
and ticket taker union...

LocaI 176, so I got to know
aII the ushers...

at Yankee Stadium and Shea, too.
Before I knew it,
I was wired at the Garden...

and I never missed a Rangers
or a Knick game.