Knockaround Guys

Sure. OK, JiII.
Sure. OK, JiII.
Right. I'II see you
at the stadium. Bye.

So, Mr. Demaret.
-Matty. Fine.

So, personneI teIIs me you were
up for an assistant's job...

but you got Joanne over there
to convince me to meet with you.

-Excuse me.

So I wanna be an agent,
you know, a sports agent.

And why am I gonna
make you that?

WeII, honestIy, Mr. McCreedIe...
I think I been preparing
for it my whoIe Iife.

When I was a kid,
I started going to baII games...

and I remember spending
a Iot of time aIone...

but I couId aIways count on
baII season to keep me company.

I had this uncIe in the ushers
and ticket taker union...

LocaI 176, so I got to know
aII the ushers...

at Yankee Stadium and Shea, too.
Before I knew it,
I was wired at the Garden...

and I never missed a Rangers
or a Knick game.

As far back as I can remember,
working with baII pIayers...

was reaIIy aII
I ever wanted to do.

WeII. Good patter. Yeah,
Iet's see what's on the page.

''BacheIor in sports marketing.''
-Work...''Ubonne PIumbing''?
-That's right.

Now defunct.
You were the president.

''White's Taxi and Livery.''
AIso president.

''Gianda's Catering HoIe.''
That's Benny Chains' pIace,

Yeah, that's correct.
He owns it.

So are you, Iike,
reIated to him?

Yes, I am. He's my father.
WeII, that's a pretty
cIose reIation.

WeII, you've got enthusiasm...