Knockaround Guys

As far back as I can remember,
working with baII pIayers...

was reaIIy aII
I ever wanted to do.

WeII. Good patter. Yeah,
Iet's see what's on the page.

''BacheIor in sports marketing.''
-Work...''Ubonne PIumbing''?
-That's right.

Now defunct.
You were the president.

''White's Taxi and Livery.''
AIso president.

''Gianda's Catering HoIe.''
That's Benny Chains' pIace,

Yeah, that's correct.
He owns it.

So are you, Iike,
reIated to him?

Yes, I am. He's my father.
WeII, that's a pretty
cIose reIation.

WeII, you've got enthusiasm...
but there's nothing in your
job experience for me to--

-Listen, I know--
-No, I'm gIad that you came in.

I know what you're thinking,
because I've heard it before.

It's aIways
the same story for me.

I get coId-cocked the minute
my father's name is mentioned.

You gotta just--
you can do this, aII right?

Look past the name
and just hire yourseIf a guy...

who's gonna bust his hump
every day for you. Gimme a--

Let me stop you right there.
You put on a good show...

but I think I know what
you're reaIIy trying to do here.

You come on aII nice
and respectabIe...

then I hire you, and then
you Iay the strong arm on me.

WouId you just hear me out?
When my father started
this pIace...

you know how many guys
Iike you and your father...

tried to break off a piece?
I'II teII you what he toId them:
Go whistIe.

AII respect,
but you've got me wrong.

Do I?
I'm here for a job, aII right?
Just a fucking job.

In what prosecutors
are caIIing...

a death kneII
for organized crime...

indictments have been
handed down across the board.