Knockaround Guys

The government's case
is onIy the Iatest bIow...

to the weakening
power structure of--

That's game!
I set you up for that.
Nice fuckin' yonkas, Benny.

Too good.
The man is too fucking good.

That's why he is the boss.
You know why
your dad's so hard to beat?

Most guys Iet it bounce,
but Benny Chains anticipates.

He charges, no hesitation.
What's that, Manganaros?
Yeah. I was in the city
on an interview.

Got you guys
some of the good stuff.

-Another sport agency?
-Yeah. Last one, too.

Fuck 'em. You know, Teddy,
in the Iast year...

I been to over fourteen

Various companies,
same resuIt--door sIammin'.

Listen, to those cocksuckers,
you are what we are.

Yeah, weII, they're right.
It's time I did
something about it.

-Hey, aII right.
-Hey, the champ!

What about another one?
Jesus, that was quick.
Mercy ruIe?

WeII, you know, cIosed 'em out!
The man was outcIassed.
What can I teII ya?

I got somethin' for ya.
OK, just in time. Here.
CoupIe of scoots, huh?

That from Cristian?
Yeah. The man's a sport,
a gentIe, IikeabIe guy.

I never paid a check
in his joint in the oId days.

I feeI haIf-bad
about coIIectin' this.

So why did you?
We got to.
We're coIIectin' everywhere.

Guys supposed
to be comin' across...

with a set amount every week
aren't hittin' their figures.

How are we gonna
kick it up above...