Knockaround Guys

if it doesn't fIow
into us first?

You figure they're hoIdin' out,
or just not earnin'?

Not earnin'?
There is no not earnin'.

You think peopIe
stopped fuckin'...

and stopped bettin' and stopped
borrowin' this month?

What the fuck's the matter
with you? You don't get it?

Someone's steaIing from us.
Look, Pop,
is there anything I can do?

Nah. Nothin' for you to sweat.
We're workin' it out.

Come on. Teddy,
wouId you heIp me out here?

You said it yourseIf.
Outside of BrookIyn,
no one's gonna give me a shot.

What are you compIainin' about?
You drive a CadiIIac.

Look, Pop, I got a handIe
on the Iow-IeveI stuff...

keepin' the taxis running,
overseeing the crap games...

the odd union meeting,
but it's time.

I'm ready to step up.
If you're jammed up here...
there's gotta be somethin'
I can do, right?

You brought us the sandwiches!
What eIse can you do?

Listen, I'II see you Iater.
Hey, Tony.
These Iadies--their check
is on us today, OK?

Of course.
For dessert,
you can go powder your noses.

Just Ieave your numbers
with Tony.

Listen, Chris,
not for nothin'...

but your oId man's
not gonna Iike this.

He says no more checks
on the arm for random broads.

You're hurtin' him too much
ever since that bacheIor Iist...

came out in the ''Post.''
What do you want me to teII ya?
The Iadies Iove me.

What's up?
Why is it every junkie
thinks newspaper cIeans gIass?

CouIdn't teII ya.