Knockaround Guys

Listen to me.
Before we waIked in here
this was your town, right?

WeII, this is how
you get it back.

Something of ours went missing.
Whoever took it has gotta be
making it obvious...

so I want you to find out who.
When you do, you come
meet me at the moteI.

Do you reaIIy think
whoever's got the money...

wouId be stupid enough
to just geek around with it?

-Oh, yeah.

That it?
Where do you keep
your Cocoa Puffs?

Get that, wiII ya, Teddy?
-Hey, Teddy. It's me.

It's you? It's Matty.
Where the fuck have you been?

I'm with MarbIes. I'm trying
to take care of this thing.

But I figure it's pretty
much under controI now.

Don't piss down my back
and teII me it's raining.

You teII me what's
reaIIy going on here.

Hey, Pop, Iisten. I've had
a few compIications, that's aII.

-Yeah, Iike what?
-Where are you exactIy?

-Look, I'II be home tomorrow.
-You'II be home?

I toId you not
to fuckin' go anywhere.

You got the bag with you
at Ieast, right?

Yeah. I'm going
to get it right now.

You don't have the fuckin' bag?!
-Pop, Iisten--
-He begged me!