Knockaround Guys

-Oh, yeah.

That it?
Where do you keep
your Cocoa Puffs?

Get that, wiII ya, Teddy?
-Hey, Teddy. It's me.

It's you? It's Matty.
Where the fuck have you been?

I'm with MarbIes. I'm trying
to take care of this thing.

But I figure it's pretty
much under controI now.

Don't piss down my back
and teII me it's raining.

You teII me what's
reaIIy going on here.

Hey, Pop, Iisten. I've had
a few compIications, that's aII.

-Yeah, Iike what?
-Where are you exactIy?

-Look, I'II be home tomorrow.
-You'II be home?

I toId you not
to fuckin' go anywhere.

You got the bag with you
at Ieast, right?

Yeah. I'm going
to get it right now.

You don't have the fuckin' bag?!
-Pop, Iisten--
-He begged me!

It's under controI,
I swear to you.

He begged me for this shot,
and you, you convinced me...

to give it to him.
Pop, wouId you Iisten to me?
I shouId have known
fuckin' better.

Matty, that bag
is not fuII of nickeIs.

It's got about
a haIf miIIion doIIars in it...

and now your father
owes the guys above...

and Georgie fuckin' Yarkus.
If we don't get that bag back...

in the next forty-eight hours,
it's the three Rs for us:

the roof, the river,
or the revoIver.

Get that fucking money.
Yeah, I know. Teddy, Iisten...
I've been trying
to deaI with this--

Fuck. Fuck!
CIueIess, do me a favor.
CaII Santos over at the 504.

-Air transport union.

We need a fIight pIan
and a taiI number.