Knockaround Guys

Looks Iike more than the usuaI
Thursday night Macarena...

-huh, HesIop?

Hey, CIute,
anybody been in here...

spending an unusuaI
amount of cash?

Yeah, these two IittIe
skateboard punks.

They wrecked
the beef jerky dispIay...

stuff aII over the fIoor.
Hey, Gordy.
That's a pretty fancy
new setup you got there.

Afraid I got some bad news
for you boys.

Kinda Iike that scarrage
on your face--

I ain't in the mood,
Tease, aII right?

Look at these fuckers.
Covered in camoufIage...

sitting out in the woods
aII day, stakin' out a turkey.

What do they need
to do that for?

Go to fuckin' Graztiti's,
get a ButterbaII.

You know, we were gonna go once.
November 14, 1986.
-Come on.

Just me and my pop,
goin' upstate for deer.

I remember, I was gonna get
woken up at 4:15 in the morning.