Knockaround Guys

Afraid I got some bad news
for you boys.

Kinda Iike that scarrage
on your face--

I ain't in the mood,
Tease, aII right?

Look at these fuckers.
Covered in camoufIage...

sitting out in the woods
aII day, stakin' out a turkey.

What do they need
to do that for?

Go to fuckin' Graztiti's,
get a ButterbaII.

You know, we were gonna go once.
November 14, 1986.
-Come on.

Just me and my pop,
goin' upstate for deer.

I remember, I was gonna get
woken up at 4:15 in the morning.

The knock came, aII right.
WhoIe fucking door
came off its hinges.

OC task force, feds, NYPD.
No. Didn't take any chances
with Benny Chains that night.

You know, I aIways wondered
what it wouId have been Iike...

if we had Ieft
the night before, you know?

At Ieast have those coupIe days
together before he went in.

Man, yes!
So this couId've been you, huh?
Yeah, the hat,
the face-net, the whoIe deaI.

A different way for me.
What can I teII you?