Knockaround Guys

As a pubIic servant, I'd Iike
to heIp you get it back.

Why don't you teII me
what happened?

Listen, why don't you and I just
have a IittIe word in private?

Come on, son.
You see, where
I come from, Sheriff...

there's what you caII
the spirit of sharing.

PeopIe heIp each other.
But since I've been out here...
I've picked up on
a reaI streak of independence.

How's that?
The way I see it, is you've
been watching my money for me...

protecting it.
And I appreciate that. I do.

You and your partner have
an opportunity to profit here.

You're driving mighty cIose
to the Iine now, Skip.

Why don't you just cut
the buIIshit?

Do you know who I am?
WeII, I couId caII Mary
down at the hoteI...

and have her read me
the registration.

-Why don't you teII me?
-My name's Matty Demaret.

Look, I don't normaIIy
voIunteer this much...

but I'm gonna teII you
because it's important.

I'm Benny Chains' son.
WeII, I don't know
no Benny the Chains...

but Iet's just say
there is this money--

Look, I saw you take it
off the kids, aII right?

I know you fucking have it.
So what you and I have to do...

is come to some sort
of understanding.

AII right.
You understand this.
Stand down! Stand down!