Knockaround Guys

You and your partner have
an opportunity to profit here.

You're driving mighty cIose
to the Iine now, Skip.

Why don't you just cut
the buIIshit?

Do you know who I am?
WeII, I couId caII Mary
down at the hoteI...

and have her read me
the registration.

-Why don't you teII me?
-My name's Matty Demaret.

Look, I don't normaIIy
voIunteer this much...

but I'm gonna teII you
because it's important.

I'm Benny Chains' son.
WeII, I don't know
no Benny the Chains...

but Iet's just say
there is this money--

Look, I saw you take it
off the kids, aII right?

I know you fucking have it.
So what you and I have to do...

is come to some sort
of understanding.

AII right.
You understand this.
Stand down! Stand down!
Get back behind the counter.
Turn around.

Turn around!
Keep it trained on him, Don.
You had it coming,
you son of a bitch.

Guy you ass-whupped in that bar
is a cousin of mine.

By marriage. Get him up!