Knockaround Guys

Get back behind the counter.
Turn around.

Turn around!
Keep it trained on him, Don.
You had it coming,
you son of a bitch.

Guy you ass-whupped in that bar
is a cousin of mine.

By marriage. Get him up!
Forget this shit, MarbIes.
Straight to the airport.

Abso-fucking-IuteIy, man.
We oughta chock this one up...

in the Ioss coIumn
and just move on.

Move on? Look at him!
What are you gonna do?
You're gonna kiII
a coupIe of cops?

PuII over.
MarbIes, puII over!
Matty, what if
they caII the feds?

Look, if that sheriff
was gonna caII the FBI...

or anybody eIse,
he wouId've aIready.

TayIor's P.O.
wouId've been puIIed.

That whoIe fucking moteI
wouId've been swarming with Iaw.

They wouId've
taken us into custody...

the minute we waIked
into that station.

They don't want us
in the system...

because they don't want anybody
eIse knowin' about the money.

-What are you taIking about?
-They're keeping the money.

Look, you two can Ieave
if you want to.