Love and a Bullet

I can see how that would be effective for you.
Yeah, I bet you would.
The mack worked like a charm.
You see, Hylene was the type of girl
that just couldn't say no to a nine-millie.

Anyway, that was the beginning
of the happiest days of my life.

See, Hylene was a government cleaner,
and that was kind of like playin' with fire.

Damien didn't like us
kickin' it with the Federalies.

But, what the fuck? I was sprung.
Shit, she wouldn't really admit
that she worked for the government at all.

She told me
she didn't officially work for anybody.

She didn't even officially exist.
Which was actually pretty cool.
'Cause, see, she had a license to kill...
...and she could smoke almost anybody
and get away with it.

But Hylene, she wasn't like that.
See, she had been in the game
longer than I had...

...and it was startin' to get to her.
Sometimes, she'd be away
for several weeks at a time.

I'd be going straight crazy while she was gone.
But just like that, she'd return
and we'd be inseparable all over again.

Many times when she'd return from a job,
she'd shower and wash her hands incessantly...

:32:18 if tryin' to wash out some dirt
that was permanently embedded in her skin.

Then she'd wanna sleep
and hold me for hours on end.

You know what?
For the most part, I couldn't stand for no woman
to wanna cuddle up with my ass.

But with Hylene, I didn't mind.
For the first time in my life, I felt I was needed.
It was a good feelin'. It was different.
She also had me thinkin'
about my line of work for the first time.

One day when Hylene was gone,
I watched this movie about this old cowboy...

...that used to be a hard-core killer
and now he's a pig farmer.

He goes out on this one last hit.
All through the movie, this fucker's sayin',
"I ain't like that no more."