Master of Disguise

-The kind that makes you cry.
-Like a IittIe baby in its crib.

-What's it pay?
-Pay? Paid in honor, dignity, pride.

Honor, dignity, its crib.
ActuaIIy, I need cash.
This cat has cIaws.
-Me Iikey.
-Me Iikey too.

But this cat's got no Mama caboose.
You guys know I can hear you, right?
It pays $41 7 a week,
pIus DeIta DentaI.

-I'II take it.
-It's yours. But hear me.

Assistants faII in Iove
with their Disguisey masters.

Can you resist Pistachio?
...can you resist me?
So Iisten to me true, Pistachio.
You are now a IeveI 1 .5 apprentice.
Without your heIp, how wiII I know
what to disguise myseIf as?

Listen to your Disguisey instincts.
Answer these questions for yourseIf:

Who, why, where, how wouId they take
your mother and father?

Yes. Who, why, where and why?
No, wrong! Who, why, where and how?
Oh, yes. Who, why, what?
-What and what and what and what?
-What? Wrong! Who, why, where, how?

-Yes. Who, why, where, how?
-That's it! You got it!

Yes! Who, why, where, how?
I say, who, why, where, how?
I say, who, why, where, how?
I say, who, why, where, how?