Monsieur Batignole

Pierre-Jean's cousin knows him.
I don't like this, Micheline.
I'm just having some fun.
- Your fiancé, isn't.
- Who cares about him.

So drop him.
He's moves
in all the right circles.

- All the doors open for him.
- Doors can shut too.

The Germans are here.
You should benefit from it.

I may be an old fool,
but I fought the Germans...

I've got a painful memento
in my thigh...

I won't kiss up to the Germans.
What about the apartment?
I don't want it.
Don't bother peddling!
We lived like sardines
in 20 square meters.

While they lived
in the lap of luxury.

It's on the upper floor, too.
It's perfect for you.
Think of the grandchildren...
They'd have to marry.
I wouldn't hold my breath.

- They're engaged 2 years already.
- She's using him.

What about our customers?
People are talking.

People always have to eat.
Dealing with the Krauts
won't change the line at the door.

Use your brain...
If you still have one.
Look, my little sausage!
This place is a dream.
Don't dream. It's not ours.
It's not our home,
and it's too big!