Monsieur Batignole

Is my daddy here?
My father.
- Listen...
- Why are you here?

It's not your home anymore.
Are those Germans?
They're friends of Pierre-Jean.
You can't stay.

It's my home now...
I have the papers. It's legal.

Sorry, you have to leave.
My things are in my room.
My books, violin...

It's all gone!
- Where?
- I don't know.

The SS took it all.
I don't know.
I don't make the laws.

- What's your name again?
- Simon.

Go orwe'll both be in trouble.
Can I have something to eat?
It's been three days.

- In the camp...
- I don't want to know!

I'll feed you, but not here.
Go to the servant's quarters.
Hurry up.
Wrong apartment.
How did you get here?
They took us to a station.
We were getting on a train.

My dad said run. I ran.
I didn't look back.

- When was that?
- 3 days ago.

When I stopped running,
no one was behind me.

What did you do?
I walked at night.
Then a nice lady gave me
money forthe train.

Dad said to meet here.
You misunderstood.
Which room?