- Do you like cold kebabs?
- No!

You're the most beautiful woman
in the world.

Save me, I'm burning.
Go warm up your kebabs!
No smoking here.
That's impossible -
they'd be burned to a cinder.

I'm not burning.
I'm going back to my seat.

- Please...
- Now!

Just 5 minutes.
Maximum half an hour.

Keep the noise down!
I invited the young lady
to a picnic.

- She refused.
- Strange, that's not like her.

Darling, I don't recognize you.
You heard him.
Let's go!

Maria, this valiant knight
with the kebabs,

Moussa is like a brother to me.
He's as simple and reliable as...
An old Colt!
Then, there's Viktor. A genius.
- I can do Einstein.
- A real genius.

Tomorrow, his scientific paper
will cause

a scientific earthquake.
Let's go on.

That's Mark.
Pay no attention.
He complains all the time,
because he thinks he's our mother.

I want to drink
to the most beautiful woman
in the world.

To Maria.
- A glass.
- There aren't any more.

Give me the bottle.
To Maria! Hurrah!
You look like a trumpet player!