Orange County

Mr. Marcus Skinner...
care of the English department,
Stanford University.

Dear Mr. Skinner,
My name is Shaun Brumder...

and I think
you are a total genius.

I live in California...
in a place called Orange County.
A year ago, I was just
another Orange County surfer--

spending my days at the beach
with my buddies...

playing volleyball...
Spike it, Shaun!
and spending my nights
around a bonfire partying.

School was always a walk for me.
I did pretty well
without trying too hard.

There’s a tropical storm off Laguna.
Let’s go, dude.
Surf’s up.

I was easily distracted.
- What about next period?
- Twenty-footers. Screw your period.

Then last April, me and my crew
drove out to Emerald Cove...

to catch some major tsunami waves.
I don’t know, you guys.
Dude, face the fear.
This is intense!