Panic Room

-Do you feel okay?

-You shaky?


Please. Don't worry about me.
He's got kids. What do you think he'll do?
Hang out while the cops waltz in?
Use your head.

Here he comes.
l locked the roof access.
She's not getting down from there.

-She could be in there calling the cops.

Could she have hooked it up today?
No. You don't just call up Bell Atlantic.
She would've had to do it through
Manhattan Security, my company.

l checked the paperwork
and the phone is not connected.

You see? She couldn't have.
-l thought she wouldn't be here.
-He said she wouldn't.

Fuck you! And fuck you!
She is not supposed--

Do it.
Excuse me.
The poIice are on their way.
-She's lying.
-You're full of--

lt's not an intercom. lt's a PA system.
l know. l'm just scaring her.
I suggest you Ieave before they get here.
-He's saying that we don't have a phone.

How could he know that?
Take what you want and get outI
lf only it were that easy.