Road to Perdition

...will be divided up locally...
...among two territories that John
will select personally.

I'd like to take this moment
to thank Mr. Rance for...

...interrupting a busy travel schedule
to pay us a visit.

Thank you, Jack.
Mr. Rance met with John and me earlier
to make another bid...

...for our involvement in the unions.
And I told Mr. Rance
what I told him before:

What men do after work
is what made us rich.

No need to screw them at work
as well.

- Is there any other business?
- Yes.

Connor, is there something
you would like to say about last night?

I'd like to apologize for what happened.
Especially to you, Pa.
Two wakes in a month...
What can I say?

We lost a good man last night.
You think it's funny?
Try again.
I'd like to apologize...
You would like to apologize?
Try again.

:31:39 apologies.
Is everyone clear about bit borrowers?
There have been far too many
debts outstanding.

- Mike...
- Just give me their names.