Get your feet off the desk.
Where's Lazy Boy?

My client's taking the Fifth.
He's the victim here.

Got yourself a pricey lawyer.
Had to sell a lot of TVs for that.

-Who's paying?
-That's privileged information.

The captain needs to see you
when you're done.

He's done. Come on, ReRun.
This interview is over.

-We don't talk, we walk.
-For now.

-Do you want me to start filming?
-Yeah, everything you see. Perfect.

Oh, my God.
This place is so depressing.
lt looks like a tomb.

Well, you wanted reality.
We need a reality change.
This is hideous.

l'm not doing it.
Let them follow somebody else.

They don't want anyone else.
You the man of the hour.

-All l did was shoot a video camera.
-You made us look like savages.

-The network is suing for $ 1 0 million.

They said you could have killed
their cameraman.

Maybe l should have killed him.
The chief already cut the deal.
Do the show, and they drop the suit.

That's extortion! They can't do that.

We need good PR.
Community relations are in the toilet.

-You the best detective we got.
-So, what about this big gun?

Am l supposed to let them follow me
around while l track down the weapon?

-Look, l did an episode of Cops once.
-You did an episode of Cops?

You forget the camera is even there.
-This is real work. l'm not an actor.
-No one is saying you can't work.

But you screwed up. And now
you've got to play ball. End of story.

You'll be reporting
to the show's producer, Chase Renzi.

Chase Renzi? ls that a real name?
l won't take orders from some
coked-out Hollywood dickhead.