-Make it quick, l have work to do.
-What can l get you?

Same as him. A cheeseburger, rare,
fries and a Coke.


So, Detective Preston. . . .
Can l call you Mitch?

Why don't l just launch
into a few basic questions. . .

-. . .and find out what makes you tick.
-l don't tick.

-Sure you do. Everybody ticks.
-Not me.

Tell me about yourself.
You have a girlfriend, a wife?


Was it a painful divorce?
l only ask because l was divorced,
and l know it can be difficult.

l mean, did you drink?
Lady, l'm here because my captain
made me. l had no choice.

l have no interest in you,
your questions or your show.

Not only do l understand
your resistance, l appreciate it.

You do, huh? Good.
l'm not into making the same bullshit
cop show we've seen a million times.

That's why l believe if we're honest
and open with each other. . .

. . .we could do something
very special here.

l don't know
what you're talking about.

-l'm talking about reality, Mitch.
-There you go.

Letting the world find out
who you really are.

You're looking for loose cannon,
cop-on-the-edge Serpico bullshit.

l'm telling you,
you're wasting your time.

See that anger, Mitch?
lt's working for you.
The audience will connect
with that in a major way.

l'm out of here.
l'll call you later
to discuss your new partner.

Want that in a doggy bag?
Thanks, though. lt was delicious.