What's that?
-What do you think? We jump over hoods.
-Something you'd know.

That was great, Trey.
Beautiful. That was really great.

-Okay, Mitch. Come here.
-l'm not going on the hood of a car.

-What do you mean?
-Forget it.

l entertained viewers everywhere
in the '80s, jumping on car hoods.

One of a TV cop's greatest weapons.
l'll show you.

You gotta stop them, see? Halt!
And you throw your body. Halt!

You okay, T.J.?
Moving on.
Who stole the money?
Deep in thought.
Now the eyebrows arch,
ever so slightly.

And Hooker solves another case.
Okay? All right, Trey, you try it.
Go ahead. Ready?

-Get loose now. Loosen up. Ready?

Trey, who stole the money?
Good. You nailed it, first take.
Give me five. That was good!

Okay, Mitch.
Come on, show me some magic.

Mitch, who stole the money?
Look at that, Trey. Look.
Look at the anger in his eyes.
Look at that.

See, that slight squint says,
""Hey, l'm Mitch. l'm the man.

Don't mess with me. ""
Okay. Let's taste some drugs.
Hooker's got a bag
of white powder in his hand.

Spears it open with a pocketknife.
Takes his little pinkie. . .
. . .in the powder.
And he touches it,
gently, on his tongue.

Watch the eyebrows.
Hooker knows it's cocaine.
What if it's cyanide?