This guy is the worst actor
l have ever seen.

-Get out.
-Wait a minute, hold it, cut, cut.

Mitch, you can't just
toss a cameraman aside.

Give me a pad, l'll show you
how a TV cop comes through the door.

The doors fly open.
They fly open. You burst in.
You scan the room.

You do the turn, toss yourself around.
And now! You're set and--

But don't turn your head
too far from camera.

That little lady is your lover. Don't
respect her, she won't respect you.

-Always know where she is.
-She's in my way.

What's wrong?
You're getting tips from T.J. Hooker.

Which is the most underrated show
in history.

-Nobody came through a door like you.
-Thank you.

-This guy is no detective.
-l'm playing a detective.

-l'm playing detective.
-All right, guys.

-l'm playing a detective.

Let's go do some hood-jumping.
What's that?
-What do you think? We jump over hoods.
-Something you'd know.

That was great, Trey.
Beautiful. That was really great.

-Okay, Mitch. Come here.
-l'm not going on the hood of a car.

-What do you mean?
-Forget it.

l entertained viewers everywhere
in the '80s, jumping on car hoods.

One of a TV cop's greatest weapons.
l'll show you.

You gotta stop them, see? Halt!
And you throw your body. Halt!

You okay, T.J.?
Moving on.
Who stole the money?
Deep in thought.
Now the eyebrows arch,
ever so slightly.

And Hooker solves another case.
Okay? All right, Trey, you try it.
Go ahead. Ready?