What are you doing?
l'm on the case. l'm your partner.
We're together.

What's the mean face for?
Listen. Don't speak, listen.
There's a few things
l need to tell you.

First of all, you gotta know
that l got your back covered. . .

. . .and l gotta know
you got mine covered.

No doubt.
When we're on the job you're
the only person l can depend on.

Not friends, family,
not anybody, just you.

You got that?
That's important.
There's no other way.

And it's gotta start right now.
You know, ever since l was 8,
l wanted to be a cop.

l wanted to be on the force
like Uncle Reggie.

He was the first in the family
on the force. Big muscles.

Uncle Reggie.
He used to let me ride
in the squad car with him.

Once he let me play with the siren.
From then on. . .

. . .l knew l was gonna be a cop.
Uncle Reggie.
My uncle--
Uncle Reggie passed away
two years ago.

He got caught in the line
of some fire.

Didn't slow me down.
l remember how he set me on my way.

He's looking down on me
from a big precinct in the sky.

He's thinking, ""You've done all right,
Trey. You've done right by me. ""

What does that
got to do with anything?

-You got a speech, so l get a speech.
-That wasn't a speech.

That ""l'm your partner. ""
That was a speech.

You burned up 90 seconds of air.
That was a speech.

When we get to the crime scene,
stay out of my way.

This isn't studio shit.
This is real.