Once he let me play with the siren.
From then on. . .

. . .l knew l was gonna be a cop.
Uncle Reggie.
My uncle--
Uncle Reggie passed away
two years ago.

He got caught in the line
of some fire.

Didn't slow me down.
l remember how he set me on my way.

He's looking down on me
from a big precinct in the sky.

He's thinking, ""You've done all right,
Trey. You've done right by me. ""

What does that
got to do with anything?

-You got a speech, so l get a speech.
-That wasn't a speech.

That ""l'm your partner. ""
That was a speech.

You burned up 90 seconds of air.
That was a speech.

When we get to the crime scene,
stay out of my way.

This isn't studio shit.
This is real.

-Get your camera out of here.
-Hey, watch it.

Julio has to shoot. That's the show.
-He's done. . . .
-Jerry Springer.

That's right. Whatever you need,
l'm there.

lf l get shot, stabbed, it's cool.
Whatever. l'm getting good footage.

Just remember three words:
Go to Trey.

-l'm Trey.

-You worked on Springer?
-Springer, Girls Gone Wild.

Get that camera out of here.
Who's in the bag?

We don't know yet.
Whoever shot him didn't care
for open caskets.

Thinking what l'm thinking?
l seriously doubt it.
l'm thinking there's dirty
cops on the streets. . .

. . .cleaning the streets up
on they own terms, partner.

This is payback for a drug deal
gone sour.

Whoever this guy worked for
got pissed.

Even better. This is a bad guy
retribution scenario.