Good thinking, partner.
Good thinking.

l think l can identify
one of the victims.

Those are 1 2-gauge, armor-piercing
uranium shells.

-Hey, Mitchell.

l found explosive and incendiary
rounds scattered around.

The same gun that put holes
in your TV repair shop.

lt appears to be hand-held, automatic,
with interchangeable magazines.

Technically, this gun doesn't exist.
-What do you mean?
-This gun is like the 50-foot shark.

Speak English.
lt's out there,
but nobody's ever seen it.

Any idea who made it?
lt's a custom job. My guess is,
it's out of Eastern Europe.

-Thanks, Charlie. Keep your eyes open.
-You bet.

-What are you doing?
-Take it easy.

-You're not supposed to touch.
-l didn't. l turned it over.

-Let me know when you touch--
-l don't have to--

-What's going on?
-He's contaminating my crime scene.

l'm doing a sweep of the area.
You never know where a crucial
bit of evidence may be hiding.

Like this, for instance.
Did anybody think to pull some prints
off this water bottle?

Can l get an evidence bag?
Put down my water.
l'm not finished drinking it.

That's an honest mistake.
You got your water amongst potential
evidence so l thought it was. . . .

Hey, T.J., go solve the case
somewhere else.

Don't give me orders,
l'm your partner!

No, l partner with real cops.
-Get me a copy of that report.
-All right, Mitch.

Well, l am your partner,
so you better accept that.

l am your partner!
He won't open up. You know how hard
it is to work with somebody like that?