l gotta see where my star cop lives.
Come on, Mitch.
-Oh, my God.
-Mitch. . . !

Got a little smell to it.
Not a stinky smell, an odd one.

What is that smell?
ls this here your actual living area?
This is my Batcave. A tunnel
in the garage leads to my mansion.

What's the problem?
Research tells us buddy cops
live in visually distinctive places.

Like a trailer on the beach or
a loft downtown. That kind of thing.

Your research shows that, huh?
Where does he live?

l rent a guesthouse from a producer.
-Kind of gives off a Magnum vibe.

lt's unique. You know what, Mitch?
We can make this work.

Did a crackhead make this cup?
-lt's not visually exciting enough?
-No. lt's just--

The point is to let the audience
in on all aspects of your life.

They want to spend time in a place
that speaks to your personality.

This does speak to my personality.
Mitch, l think you need some time
away from the job.

l just found the crackhead's shop.
Hey, don't go in there.
This is what you smell
all over the place.

Wow, a pottery studio!
You're full of surprises.
How long you been doing this?

-Six years, give or take.
-You really got a knack for it.

This room's off-limits.
lt's not for show.

Okay, Mitch.
We haven't done any bonding
at all yet.

Bond with yourself, l got work to do.