l know. Mitch has been a lot
more resistant than l'd hoped for.

l think that you and Mitch
need some bonding time.

You're right. We do.
We need some QT time together.
Two guys hanging out, have some beers.

l'll call to see
if he wants to hang out.

Let's not call him.
Let's just go over.

-Just show up?
-Surprise him.

What are you doing?
How hard is it to say,
""Hi, Trey, nice to see you""?

Hi, Trey. What are you doing here?
We got off on the wrong foot.
l got some food.

We can eat the food and bond a bit.

How'd you get my address?
-Hi, Mitch.
-Oh, shit.

-l gave it to him.

-Will you invite us in? Don't be rude.
-Do l have to?

You got us out in the hall
like a Jehovah's Witness.

l gotta see where my star cop lives.
Come on, Mitch.
-Oh, my God.
-Mitch. . . !

Got a little smell to it.
Not a stinky smell, an odd one.

What is that smell?
ls this here your actual living area?
This is my Batcave. A tunnel
in the garage leads to my mansion.

What's the problem?
Research tells us buddy cops
live in visually distinctive places.

Like a trailer on the beach or
a loft downtown. That kind of thing.

Your research shows that, huh?
Where does he live?

l rent a guesthouse from a producer.
-Kind of gives off a Magnum vibe.

lt's unique. You know what, Mitch?
We can make this work.

Did a crackhead make this cup?