-When l'm about to make a bust--
-When did you ever make a bust?

Don't tell me.
When l'm about to make a bust,
to get in the moment. . .

. . .l take three deep breaths and say to
myself, ""Okay, Trey, it's showtime! ""

-You say that?
-That's stupid.

-What's stupid about it?
-Know what?

Don't say it, please.
No, l have to say it, Mitch.
""Showtime. "" lt's amazing.

-That could be the name of our show!
-See? lt's not stupid. lt's perfect.

Say it again for the camera.
Do it again with the breathing.
My God, you're a natural.

lt's showtime!
This is Harley Barley taking calls
from fans of the new series Showtime.

Let's go to Pete from ldaho.
You're on the air.

l wanted to say to Mitch,
l know how you feel.

l mean, l got a lot of anger
inside me too.

l want to take my gun
and blow everybody away!

Thank you, Pete.
You sure you're not calling from Waco?

Let's go to line three.
Mandy, you're on.

l just love me some Showtime.
l'm your biggest fan. Trey is so fine.

-l could ride that.

Thank you, Mandy.
l'm on Showtime. What's up?
Trey! Marry me, Trey!
Marry me, Trey!
l'm gonna be honest, you know.
lt's natural, when you're in
a situation that's shitty...

... to think about what it might be
like to have a different partner.