Take it slow. Nice and easy.
He's still on the fence.

All right! You and Lazy Boy
got this gun from somebody!

You work for the same person!
Who you working for?

What the hell?
What kind of reporter are you?

-l don't tiptoe around the truth!
-Back off.

And l will not back off
until l find out the truth!

Brother, look at me. They selling
your black ass down the river.

You say ""ass"" on TV?
This is cable.
l can say whatever l want to.

Did they tell you plea-bargain?
Take the hit, do the time?
That's what was said, isn't it?
See if you can get a name.
lt's time, ReRun.
lt is time to shine the light
on who's behind this.

Who's the puppet master?
Whose time are you doing?
While you're in here
he's smelling freedom.

-And tasting it.
-What you smell?

-Ass and feet, and tension and stress.

Hey, brother, that ain't for you.
Look in that camera right now.

Make a connection.
Look right into the lens.

Say who it is that's supposed to be
in here instead of you.

Look in the camera and say it.
l'm with you.

l'm right here with you.
All the people out there in TV land. . .
. . .and Mama, l'm coming home soon. . . .
-Your baby be home soon, Mama.

The culprit...
You'll see Mama soon.
... that put me on the streets
to do his dirty work...

. . .that's shitting on my freedom. . .
Tell them.
. . .is none other. . .
This is an emotional moment.
l get caught up when l know a brother
is ready to leave. l love it.