Sorority Boys

My giant.
My gentle giant.

I feel like...
you girls
are my best friends

in the whole world.
A-And I think
it's time...

we stopped
moping around...

and started having fun.
What kind of fun?
So -- so why do
they call it a
gravity bong?

I have no idea.
Oh, that tickles.
Stop that now.
Stop it.

Did you leave a
boyfriend or anything
back in Minnesota?

Oh, no, no.
My father didn't
want me to date boys.

Oh. Sounds
really controlling.

He is.
He expects me to
graduate, buy a house
in the suburbs,

and be part
of his old-boy network.

That's really...strange.
Well, uh...
Daisy, I think you deserve
better than that.

I mean, the only way
you're ever gonna be happy

is if you're true
to what you want.

Your dad's just
gonna have to accept

that you have to make
your own choices in life.

You know, you're right.
You are.

God! Do you hear that?
I'm so sick of
those stupid frats
and their stupid music!

Oh, oh, oh -- your toes.
Watch the toes.
Watch your toes.

Oh. Sorry. God.
Do you mind doing it again?

Like you're naughty, girls!
Like you're naughty!

## Double shot of
my baby's love, yeah, yeah ##

## Double shot... ##