Stealing Harvard

I didn't think so,
but there has to be some explanation.

Because my life was totally different
a couple weeks ago.

- I went to the bank today.
- Yeah?

- Have you checked our balance lately?
- No.

- Wait. Did we? Did we do it?
- We did it!

We have exactly $30,006.
We can get married!
I know you thought it was silly
to wait until we had this money...

...before we got married, but now
we can put a payment on a house...

...we can plan a family...
- Elaine was incredible.

I'm so happy.
Not here.
- You can kiss me at home.
- Although she did have one odd habit.

She cried when we made love.
Very loud crying, which
made it kind of tough to concentrate.

Are you okay?
- Bye, sweetie.
- Bye.

She ran a gift-basket business.
It was about to turn the corner.

And I was the assistant manager
at Homespital...

...a store that sold medical supplies
for the home.

I know it's a lot of money, sir,
but it's a lot of chair.

- John? In my office.
- Excuse me.

If there was one problem, it was that I
worked for Elaine's father, Mr. Warner.

There always seemed to be
an unspoken tension between us.

John-boy! Come on in. Sit down.
My little girl told me the big news.
- Well, I'm glad, John. I'm really glad.
- Yes, sir!

He wasn't glad. He hated me.