Swept Away

I did not fly all the way
from New York City...

...to wherever the fuck we are
to get on that.

How many vacations have you enjoyed?
You wanted to try something new.

Tell me, how new does that look?
It's got a fucking chimney, Anthony.

It's a funnel. Honey, we're here now.
Let's just try and enjoy it.

I only agreed to this
if it had a fully-equipped gym.

They do.
That I was assured of.

- Welcome aboard, professor.
- I'm not actually a professor.

That's not what I hear.
Thank you very much.
- I'm your captain. Call me captain.
- You're a real captain, captain?

I'm not interested in shaking
Blackbeard's hook.

Would you show my wife
to her quarters, please?

Of course, professor.
- What's with the finger snapping?
- Don't get all Italian on me, Peppe.

I don't like finger snapping.
The clients expect finger snapping
from the captain.

Giuseppe will show you to your room.
This is your cabin, sir. Madam.
- What you can't fit, keep in my room.
- We'll make do. Thanks.

That should be all.
My name is Giuseppe. Peppe for short.

I am the fisherman,
but if you need anything, I'm your man.

Ask him about the gym.
- Would you show my wife the gym, please?
- Certainly.