...and the Constitution
of the Federal Republic of Germany...

:05:06 agreement with the laws
for the public's well-being...

in agreement with the laws
and the public's well-being...

...and fulfill my responsibilities
conscientiously. So help me God.

...and fulfill my responsibilities
conscientiously. So help me God.

120 applications for two openings
in the homicide squad.

As long as I'm not pushing night duty.
What about you?

Picture processing. - EDP.
Internet. A paperpusher.
What're you doing there?
As little as possible.
Don't break a fingernail typing.
Schrader? A Chief Inspector Minks
wants to talk to you.

Who? Don't know him.
Tell him you couldn't find me.
He knows where you are.
Don't make trouble again, okay?
This isn't the vice
or the narcotics squad.

It's homicide.
I got a tip. - Listen, we both know
why you're wallowing around
in the city's pig troughs.

Everybody has problems,
but your private crusade
has gone too far.

One more unauthorized operation,
one more raid, one more solo run...
and you can forget your pension!
Do you get the picture? Do you?
It's hard not to. You're screaming.
I don't have the whole damn night!
KKZA Schrader, I should... - Sit down.