WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3

Will you look at that!
We just bought it.
A brand-new machine...
...completely wrecked!
Did you find something?
This is a Hishii Industry machine...
Yes, it is.
Not Schaft?
It says right on the plate.
Right here.
Is that what did it?
Hard to tell.
Can we borrow the video?
We can copy it.
Excuse us...
...we're from Special Vehicles Unit 2.
We have an appointment.
Then who are they?
I'll go take a look
at that company.

Which company?
"Ermes". "Hermes"...
...the one that was getting the container.
That's miles from here.
Will the department pay cab fare?
No problem.
Mr Kusumi...
...this is a non-smoking car.
They moved out suddenly
at the end of last month.

Very few people came in or out,
and the post-box was full...

...of sex-club brochures
and direct mail.

Their forwarding address
doesn't exists.

A dummy corporation...
We'll check their phone records,...
...Certificate of Seal, company registry...
It'll take time
but we'll find them.

No TV station...
...is going to help the police.
Probably not.
I might be able to get a copy...