WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3

...the one that was getting the container.
That's miles from here.
Will the department pay cab fare?
No problem.
Mr Kusumi...
...this is a non-smoking car.
They moved out suddenly
at the end of last month.

Very few people came in or out,
and the post-box was full...

...of sex-club brochures
and direct mail.

Their forwarding address
doesn't exists.

A dummy corporation...
We'll check their phone records,...
...Certificate of Seal, company registry...
It'll take time
but we'll find them.

No TV station...
...is going to help the police.
Probably not.
I might be able to get a copy...
...of the actual news broadcast.
You got a friend?

No. A few websites.
Isn't this a non-smoking car?
Did you get this
from a website, too?

"It's Misaki."
"I'm not in right now."
"Please leave a message..."
"...after the tone."
"It's Miyanomori."
"There's a problem with
the part-time job."

"Call me when you get back."
"I'm very sorry
about the accident."