War Photographer

No winding roads.
There was one distinct,
straight, narrow, stony path

he had decided to take.
Of course,
at times I wished it was

a warmer, closer,
more intense relationship.

But his work was
of great importance.

I'll do it.
I'll do it with my pictures.

I'll convince
people with my pictures.

Nachtwey came
back from Nicaragua.

He was relaxed and happy.
He brought me a necklace
made of shells.

He put it around my neck,
and I thought that was great.

I remember
the first time I met him.

His hair was parted,
his jeans were creased,

his shirt was immaculate.
And amidst all
that dust and chaos,

stood this man
I'd never seen before

taking his pictures. He was
in no hurry like the others.

He was somehow calm,