War Photographer

Nachtwey came
back from Nicaragua.

He was relaxed and happy.
He brought me a necklace
made of shells.

He put it around my neck,
and I thought that was great.

I remember
the first time I met him.

His hair was parted,
his jeans were creased,

his shirt was immaculate.
And amidst all
that dust and chaos,

stood this man
I'd never seen before

taking his pictures. He was
in no hurry like the others.

He was somehow calm,
as suddenly
South African photographer

Ken Oosterbroek
was killed next to him.

Normally, two sorts of journalists
are hit:

The ones
on their first assignment,

and the ones
who have been at it too long

and think they're bulletproof.
Jim is in danger
of seeing himself as bulletproof,

in danger of pushing his luck
once too often.

As someone
who is quite reserved,

he needs that kick,
that adventure,

that flow of adrenalin
and the fear of dying,

in order to feel alive.
Jim is at his best
in the most extreme situation.