If it's about the woman,
or rather guy...

Forget the transvestite.
I'm talking about the others.
-Others? Which ones?

Hubert, think very good.
Yes there was a young man
disturbing me.

Good. Go on...
It's coming back. There was a fight.
-Yes, anything else?

At the stairs there was a guy
who wanted to tell me something...

but I didn't understand him.
He said...
-My dad is the chief of police.

Ah, it slipped my mind.
-He remembered.

His dad is out of town.
You apologize to the kid.

What should I say?
-Say whatever you want...

That you thought he was a gangster.
But the transvestite is waiting...
Ok, where do I find him?
-What do you think?

Hello there. It's me.
You remember me, right?

I ran into you last night.
Oh, don't worry.
I'm not here to arrest you.

I'm here to...
I came to apologize.
I didn't recognize you in the dark.
I didn't know you were the son of...

I thought you were a bad guy.
A gangster. Wears the same black suit.
I'm really sorry.
I'll be going now, bye.