It's my curse.
But this is no laughing matter.

The Cupbearer
will have my head.

No, I can't let it go on
any longer.

May I then congratulate
the Cupbearer on the good news?

So he's the one?
Why do you doubt me?
Have I ever lied to you?

- Yes, you have.
- But this time...

- I'm telling the truth.
- Why such curiosity?

What if the Cupbearer,
madly in love, charmed with your beauty,

fell down on his knees
and begged for your hand?

He would be happy
with the answer.

How can you be so calm when
the Notary has just

declared war on us?
He'll see for himself
who he's tangling with!

Go stop them!
- What's up?
- He's repairing the border wall!

He's hired 3 masons.
How dare he! I will beat them up
and knock down the wall.

Down to the ground!
- To the ground...
- I swear!

Take the servants and go!
If the masons

don't obey, use force.
You're trembling.

I'm so eager to fight.
But first

would you listen
to my new ode?

It's an ode to peace.
Perhaps the Muse will calm your ire...

Stop it. Stay there.
...or I'll end up
all black and blue.