declared war on us?
He'll see for himself
who he's tangling with!

Go stop them!
- What's up?
- He's repairing the border wall!

He's hired 3 masons.
How dare he! I will beat them up
and knock down the wall.

Down to the ground!
- To the ground...
- I swear!

Take the servants and go!
If the masons

don't obey, use force.
You're trembling.

I'm so eager to fight.
But first

would you listen
to my new ode?

It's an ode to peace.
Perhaps the Muse will calm your ire...

Stop it. Stay there.
...or I'll end up
all black and blue.

My dear mason,
I respectfully request
that you stop building this wall,

or you might get hurt.
Though I have much respect
for the artistry

of your craft, I humbly advise you
masons here present

to go to hell.
Nothing gets through
to them!

Are they deaf, or what?
Grab them by the neck
and pull them from the wall!

Quietly and nicely,
with no trouble.

Don't worry,
I'm right behind you.

Get out!
Get lost!
What's going on?